LUXURY & Retail sector


We have a truly global reach, finding candidates for roles based in Europe, the UK, USA and Asia.

In 2008 Muller and Associates started operating in the global luxury and retail industry. We brought a broader perspective from having worked outside the industry and this provided valuable perspective: Luxury retail can be a closed and somewhat incestuous industry that recycles the same candidates from fashion house to fashion house. We have sourced talent for our retail clients from completely untapped industries such as banking, telecoms, FMCG and hospitality, while also providing them with the best from within the luxury industry when necessary. We bring exceptional retail talent into our client’s organisations and successfully help integrate new faces that have thrived in this exciting industry. Additionally, we help our clients find the digital talent they need to operate in 2021.

We have a truly global reach, finding candidates for roles based in Europe, the UK, USA and Asia. We have filled roles in every Asian region including Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan.

We have a deep understanding of the fast fashion and the luxury landscapes whilst appreciating company cultures and how they vary from large listed fashion groups to family owned companies.

We are considered experts in consumer trends, digital innovation, and millennial engagement in the retail and luxury retail industries. Our clients have trusted us with Customer Insight, eCommerce, marketing and clienteling roles.

We have extended our consumer reach to the high-end hotel and food services industries. We have helped them find the tech savvy strategic leaders they need to remain competitive.

Financial SECTOR


Muller & Associates was founded in 1992 specialising in the credit card industry. This quickly expanded to include full-service banking.

We built our brand by placing a large assortment of executive talent at Bank of America, Capital One and Wells Fargo. Focusing in areas such as; Home Loans, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Payments, Digital Banking, Consumer Lending, Risk, Finance, Marketing, Technology, Operations Human Resources. Our focus was in areas such as Retail Banking, Wealth Management and Home Loans. In addition we worked with many non banking disruptors of the time specializing in credit cards and payments.

Consumer Finance is our DNA and we have been at the forefront of this industry for over 27 years.



Muller & Associates has grown its presence in the food sector, contributing to this fast growing industry.

As Muller and Associates has grown, we have developed more and more into the food sector, both relating to services and manufacturing. We consider this a key market, and have provided as well as sourced candidates from this sector.  Many of the candidates we are able to source from this sector are educated internationally and work for multinational companies. 

We are excited to contribute our knowledge and expertise to this fast growing industry, and look forward to helping your business grow in the food sector. 

Technology Sector


Technology transformation has become a major priority and investment area for our clients.

Today all industries face the challenge of digital transformation. Having the right leadership to map out and execute this transformation is one of the most pressing talent requirements of our time.

We have been part of the transformation of global companies and partners on the innovation journey of our rapidly expanding technology clients. We overcome industry barriers to find leaders who can navigate large businesses, from legacy systems to agile digital futures.

Our uninterrupted involvement for the last 30 years in our client’s technology journeys make us formidable in this highly competitively space.

Functional Expertise

Bleeding edge advice and re-inventing leadership

A noteworthy and sizeable network of leading executives rely on Muller & Associates for advice and knowledge, when growing their companies.

Muller & Associates specialises in the following functions:

C Suite Leadership and Board Placements

Financial Leadership

Marketing/Communications and Digital

Operations Leadership

Supply Chain Leadership

Technology Executives

Risk Management

Retail Leadership

Data Analytics

Human Resources

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