We believe that under visionary leadership, organizations can emerge as pioneers for sustainable futures.

Ignited from the passions of our emerging sustainability team, and fuelled by Muller & Associates’ expertise in executive advisory and search, our firm has taken a stance to implement change where it matters most.

Following our extensive work in the healthcare sector since 2022, Muller & Associates became inspired to delve deeper into meaningful search work.

The wellbeing of humanity is at the forefront of contemporary concern. Human health, success, and longevity remain a priority. Yet, rooted in the understanding that humanity’s wellbeing is intricately tied to the well-being of the planet, we crafted a unique mission.

Our mission is to find and place sustainability executives capable of spearheading conscious business strategy and development as well as meet the evolving needs of organizations already on the path to sustainability.

Muller & Associates participates in numerous industries around the globe. We are as successful in our lead cities of New York, London, Madrid, and Hong Kong as we are in Shanghai, Mexico, Cape Town, São Paulo, and Bogota. However, we remain aware of the importance of focus, especially in the face of social, political, ecological and economic complexity. With this, we have zoned in on the following industries, but participate in work beyond them.

In response to the complexity of the world's socio-ecological crises, Muller & Associates has embarked on this endeavor within the hospitality sector.

We recognize that the innate beauty of the natural world remains at the heart of this industry’s success — an element that demands both reverence and preservation. Since the disruptions of the pandemic in 2020, the world has changed drastically. Being separated from the natural world, and watching it prosper in our absence, reminded us as a society how deeply connected we are to the environments in which we find ourselves.

We want to ensure the hospitality sector is made up of leaders that can help the industry flourish, alongside the beauty and resources it so often relies on.

The fashion industry, while a powerhouse of creativity and self-expression, stands as another industry in need of sustainability efforts.

As a sector known for its dynamism and trend-driven nature, it inherently generates a significant ecological and social footprint. The need for a paradigm shift towards sustainability has become strikingly evident, given the rise of fast fashion, resource depletion, and exploitative labor practices. With two decades of experience in the fashion industry, we now dedicate our efforts to supporting organisations by placing executives who are able to redefine how fashion interacts with social cultures and ecological well-being.

Why Invest In Sustainability?

Investing in sustainability is becoming an increasingly worthwhile investment for organizations. As consumers become more socially and ecologically conscious, businesses with sustainable initiatives are seeing enhanced brand loyalty and attracting a growing market segment.

From a financial perspective, the long-term impacts can foster operational efficiency, resource optimization, waste reduction, decreased energy consumption, and cost savings. Beyond this, a responsible commitment to socio-ecological well-being enhances employee morale and attracts top talent, creating a positive and purpose-driven organizational culture. In essence, the upfront costs of sustainability investments are overshadowed by the long-term gains in brand equity, operational efficiency, risk mitigation, and fostering a positive organizational culture.

For over three decades, Muller & Associates has actively recruited and advised the best across the globe. With our new commitments, we are not changing, we are evolving, because it is perhaps the most essential call of our time.
Let us begin to see sustainability matters not as a business cost but as the very reason for an organization’s existence.

Our Sustainability LEAD

Caris Paytner

Motivated to support leaders who prioritize social and ecological awareness, and contribute to more sustainable and responsible business landscapes worldwide. 

Caris Paynter has found herself at the intersection of a background in psychology, organizational psychology and a master’s degree in sustainable development, with her present work contributing to the future of some of the world’s leading organizations. As a strategic thinker with a steadfast commitment to effecting positive change, Caris views the complexity of the world’s sustainability challenges is an opportunity for innovation and creative problem-solving.

In the world of Executive Search, Caris advocates that people are the pioneers of transformation. She has refined a sophisticated and holistic approach to talent identification and assessment, delivering a nuanced and contemporary understanding of international markets, industry trajectories, and the re-invention of leadership.

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